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Norvell Dazzle Shimmering Mist

CHOREOGRAPH your sunless color and put your TAN in the SPOTLIGHT!

Starting now, getting a “ten” from at-home self-tanning is as simple as picking the right partner – Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection by Norvell. That’s because Norvell has done all the fancy footwork for consumers, putting its extensive knowledge of the art and science of sunless tanning into each and every bottle. Enhance a great tan or hairstyle with brilliant shimmer.


Product Description

Shake it – that is what you’ll want to do with this super-fine shimmering spray.  Whether accentuating the hottest tan in town or enhancing a hairstyle, this adds a little glitz and glam to every day.

Features & Benefits:

Enhance a great tan or hairstyle with brilliant shimmer.


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